Information for Pilots


North Star Aviation

Mankato's Full Service FBO

Shell Branded Fuel - Full Service Jet A Fuel, Full and Self Service 100L (Contract Pricing Available)

Maintenance - Minor, Major and Avionics services available for small piston aircraft to heavy jets

Hangar - 30,000+ sf Heated Hangar Space up to GV sized aircraft

Training - Part 61 and 141 Flight School Private Pilot through ATP

Ground Services - GPU, Towing, Lav Service, Heated Type I Deicing

Concierge Services - Hotels, Rental Car, Catering and Special Requests

**Please note - The terminal building is currently undergoing renovation.  Thank you for your patience while we work to build a new 1st class FBO facility.**

Airport Facilities Info

Mankato FAA Airport Diagram

Runways and Taxiways

o Runway 15 / 33 – 6600ft x 100ft – Suitable for small / medium / large aircraft up to 150,000 lbs. (Boeing 737 / Airbus A320 sized aircraft).  Runway 15/33 is the primary instrument runway with Instrument Landing System (ILS), GPS and VOR approaches for landing in instrument conditions.     

o Runway 04 / 22 – 4000ft x 75ft – Suitable for small / medium aircraft up to 40,000 lbs. (small  and medium turboprop and multi-engine jets).  Runway 04/22 is the secondary insturment / crosswind runway and has GPS approaches.

o The airport has full paved parallel taxiway access to all runways and over 143,000 sf of paved aircraft parking and tie-down space (apron areas). 

Terminal and Hangar Info

o The Terminal Building was completed in 1997 and consists of 15,500 sf of space leased to North Star Aviation and Minnesota State University and is open to the public.   The building has public arrival / departure areas, classrooms, a large conference room, simulator center and offices.   

o The building also has space for pilot flight planning, checking weather and a transient pilot lounge.  

o The airport has over 175,000 sf storage space across 14 large Hangars that accommodate aircraft ranging from small single engine recreational aircraft to medical helicopters to corporate jet aircraft.

Looking for hangar space at MKT?  Please contact the Airport Manager at:  507-381-4174

Other Airport Info

o  The FAA maintains a state of the art Automated Weather Station, Instrument Landing System and Radio Navigation Aid (VOR) at the airport.

o  The airport has dedicated a fire truck and several snow removal vehicles, mowing tractors and maintenance equipment.

o  Full emergency response services (Police, Fire/Rescue) are provided by the City of Mankato.

Current METAR and TAF