MKT Super Bowl 52 Flyer

Looking for the perfect spot to land in Minnesota? Make MKT your fly in Destination to avoid the b

Excellent Facilities - Modern Terminal/FBO, Long 6600' Primary Runway with ILS and GPS/LPV, Large Concrete Ramp with parking up to BBJ/737 sized aircraft.

Close to all south metro attractions - Only 1 hour 20 Minutes via 4 lane highway

Easy Transportation - On site Hertz and Enterprise, Taxi, Shuttle, Limo and Ride Sharing Services available

Easy Access - MKT is outside the Class B .

Economical Prices - Jet A prices over 50% less than other metro airports 

No landing or parking fees

Of course, normal fuel, hangar, deicing and lav services are priced separately for the services that you use.

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